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I cannot open vpn on my I pad

I am up to date with payments but I cannot connect on my I pad for some reason Please help me connect Many thanks
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Hi Joan,

Sorry to hear of the difficulty you're facing.

Your account is fine, so you should not experience any difficulty with the VPN.

Since you can't connect, please send our support team an email at with the following details and we'll advise further:

Which country are you connecting from? 

The type of Internet connection you are using? i.e. Public WiFi, 3G, hotel, office etc

Are there any error messages or numbers?

If possible, please provide a screenshot of the error you're experiencing. You can find instructions on taking screenshots in our knowledge base article in the link below:

The type of VPN connection you are using, is it our L2TP, PPTP or SSL (OpenVPN/Tunnelblick) service? 

Please visit our knowledge base article via the link below if you're not sure how to identify the VPN protocol you're currently using.


Once we get these details we will be able to respond with a course of action to help you resolve your problem.

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