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Issue with app

using from my iPhone, doesn't seem to connect.

Hi there,

Sorry you're having issues.

Firstly, could you try restarting the app and try again?

If it's still failing, could you then take a screenshot of the error you're experiencing?

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Yay, it's working again! Thanks for the help!

The app stopped functioning on my iPad 2 immediately after automatically updating to 4.0.2 on Oct 24. The iPad iOS is 9.3.5. According to the App Store, 4.0.2 should work with 9.3. The app opens to the main graphic, but doesn't continue to the connection page. It freezes on the graphic and then fails and closes. Any help appreciated!

Hi Beth, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

It looks like the update has a bug that is causing it to crash on iOS 9.x .

Our networking and app development team has been notified of this issue and are looking into it as we speak, in the meantime please try to set up the connection manually via the IKEv2 protocol (which is what our app uses) whilst this app is sorted out:

Thanks in advance for your patience.

Manual set up successful! Thanks for the quick response!
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