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software v router VPN

I some times get a message that the site I am accessing cannot verify I am in the country. I usually reload MyVPN or at worst reboot my PC and all is well. 

My Question if I setup a router as per your instructions will I have the same problem and have to reboot the router when I get that message?

Are there any advantages to speed as I get a lag when selecting menus especially with Sky, is this down to the encryption process or going through your servers.


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Hi, I can only think off the VPN is not connected properly which is why you're getting geographical restriction error when you try to access websites. Rebooting your router and computer often clears the problems with the connection.

If you're having problem quite often with our VPN service and if you're using it to just access TV sites, I would highly recommend that you try out our MyTelly Smart DNS as this service is designed to maximise your bandwidth and allow you to watch TV without the speed overhead that the VPN applies on your Internet connection. This service can be set up on your router or individual devices.

If you need any further assistance, please contact our support team at

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