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 If you have a suggestion for anything we can do to improve our service, just let me know. Seriously, I would love to hear it.

We are mainly staffed by technical types (i'm being polite here!) which isn't a bad thing, but it does mean that we can sometimes get a little off track. Your feedback can really help to address this and ensure we continue to understand our customers requirements and wishes.

I personally promise that we will reward any ideas, I'm not quite sure what the rewards might be yet, but will gladly take your suggestions on this as well.

Many thanks

Jon Gittoes

(Managing Director)

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I did try a lot of VPN before, and honestly im not gonna lie, i was not super happy with all.
Being new i didnt know that you should never ask for a refund even if they write that its absolutely okey.
So im hated for that. Tried to sign up after looking around a lot, but i got disconnected as a punishment and they didnt know why.....

Now im here and i wont write this if i didnt know. I love this service, i wanted the country i choosed because i was born there, and it feels like home even when doing small things like open YouTube in my language, listen to music, and all that i miss.

I have only praise to give. Thank you :)


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