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bbc player

Is anyone else being blocked on bbc player? This just started today for me!!

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Hi Jennie,

Sorry you are having problems with the BBC and also, apologies for not answering this sooner, for some reason we did not get an alert when you created this post.

As for the BBC issues, as you are probably aware, the BBC has announced a crack down on VPN users. We are monitoring the situation and correcting the problems as and when they arise.

At present there should be no issues, but if you do have a problem with the BBC in future, please disconnect and reconnect the VPN, this will usually connect you to a different server which should resolve the problem. We are testing all our servers on a daily basis so the server will be removed or reconfigured as soon as we are aware of the problem.

I hope that helps, please drop us an email ( if you are still having problems.




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