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BBC iPlayer

I've recently read in the Daily Mail, March 3 that the BBC will be blocking access to their iPlayer unless you have a current TV license.

They might introduce a signing in process requiring information that would come from the TV license.

Will MPN be able to get round this. Can't live without "catch-up"


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Hi Nettie,

Thanks for contacting us.

We are aware of the current statement that were released by BBC in regard to the changes that they wish to implement on their Catch Up services.

Unfortunately, if they do so, you will need to register and subscribe to their services in order to stream their contents online.

Please note that this will affect everyone, even those in the UK so it's not something that can be circumvented by a VPN. Regardless, you will still need the VPN to access / stream the content from outside of UK.

At the moment, it's still seems to be in the discussion stage so hopefully it stays there since what they proposing is not going down well with viewers at all:


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