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iplayer problems since 1 September

 Until now we have had no problems watching the BBC and other programs in Germany over MPN but now the BBC has said that it is going to stop viewers who haven#t paid a licence fee in England I am worried that this might soon come to an end.

I have indeed had problems iwth the iplayer recently and today I ahven't been able to access it at all

 L Hirst in Berlin

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Hi L Hirst,

Thanks for getting in touch.

As of the 1st September, the British law will change and you will also require a TV license to view On Demand content, prior to this date , a license has only been required for Live viewing.

When accessing content on the BBC iPlayer, you will be asked if you have a TV license, if you click 'I don't have a TV license' you will not be allowed to proceed to view the content. In order to watch anything you must select the 'I have a license' option.

Whilst our service can be used to circumvent geographic restrictions, you should still ensure that you have a UK TV License in order to watch BBC content, this is true whether you are in the UK or not. At present, the BBC have not implemented any checks on the validity of your license, but that might change in the future.

Note: Ultimately, if you do not have the required UK TV License, it's entirely up to you to continue watching as it depends on your personal view on the issue.

For now, our advice is to continue using the BBC iPlayer as normal. If you're still having problems accessing iPlayer, please contact our helpdesk at and we will assist you further.

Thank you for your patience.


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