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FaceTime not working Saudi Arabia

I used to be able to use FaceTime to call the UK from Saudi.  Recently this has stopped working.  I've spoken to a number of people and they report the same.  I don't know if it is possible for the Saudis to block calls from a VPN, but we just get to the "connecting' stage and no further.  The VPN seems to be working correctly otherwise.  Are you aware of the problem and is there a work-around?  Thanks.

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Hi there,

Sorry you're having difficulties with FaceTime.

Just to inform, the Saudi government has been aggressively restricting usage of VPN within their country.

However, could you please advise us if you're using FaceTime over your mobile telco?

If you are, could you then try using it over a local Wi-Fi network with the VPN to see if that works better?

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