If you have gotten hold of a Promo Code for our service and wish to use it with your new subscription, please follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Login

Login to our website using your registered e-mail and password.

Note: If you have not registered any account with us yet, click on Start Free and proceed to create an account with us.

STEP 2: Subscription Page

Navigate to My Subscription and click on Subscribe Now

STEP 3: Choose A Plan

Choose the subscription plan you're interested in subscribing to. (Single Country / Global )

STEP 4: Select Plan Duration

Choose your subscription plan duration.

We have options for 1 month, 3 months and 12 months passes to suit your usage needs.

Note: Once you're done, click on Continue to payment to proceed.

STEP 5: Promo Code Button

On the payment selection screen, click on Do you have a promo code? button.

STEP 6: Enter Promo Code

Enter the PROMO code that you were given and click on Validate Code.

Once that is validated, select your preferred Payment method and click on Pay to proceed to checkout.

Note: Select PayPal Billing Agreement only if you wish the subscription to be renewed automatically based on the selected package.


Do give this a try and if you have any problems or queries, please send a request to support@my-private-network.co.uk and we will assist you further.